We hope you enjoy your stay at Owl Hall, the perfect place to escape from the stress of everyday life. Owl Hall has four holiday homes. Apart from the main house there are three smaller cottages. All our guests can use the gym and games areas in the main house. You are welcome to explore the grounds.

Learn all about Owl Hall and the people here. Some visitors enjoy their stay so much they never want to leave …

People at Owl Hall

Owl Hall has lots of visitors! Find out more about the main characters at Owl Hall, but remember … there is more to some people than you might think.

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The Book

Owl Hall  is an original story in the Macmillan Readers series. It is about Kara, who goes to stay in an old farmhouse with her Mum and younger brother Martin. Throughout the story, Kara visits the Owl Hall website, just like you are now! As the story develops, we discover that everyone at Owl Hall has a secret – even the house itself!



Find out what happens to Kara and the other characters during their stay at Owl Hall. Listen to them telling the story of Owl Hall in their own words. Hear ‘behind-the-scenes’ conversations not included in the Macmillan Reader that reveal even more about the secrets of Owl Hall. Listen to the first episode for free now!

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