People at Owl Hall


Kara is fifteen years old and very pretty, although she doesn’t think so! She is quiet and shy, and depends on her brother Martin a lot. But she starts to become more confident when she meets a mysterious new friend at Owl Hall.



Martin is Kara’s younger brother. He is thirteen years old, and looks very different from Kara! Martin is often nervous and can get very angry very quickly – like Kara, he has had a difficult life.



Janet is Kara and Martin’s mum. She has brought the family to Owl Hall for a nice relaxing holiday. But what is her relationship with Howard, the handsome stranger who lives near Owl Hall?



Howard – and his scary dog Max – welcome Kara’s family when they arrive at Owl Hall. Howard seems friendly, but why does Kara feel so nervous around him?


The Boy

Soon after she arrives, Kara meets a boy at Owl Hall. He is about the same age as Kara, good-looking and friendly. But what is he doing at Owl Hall? And why won’t he tell Kara his name?