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  • Day Four

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    Today has been the best day of my life. The best day ever! How can I tell you how I feel without sounding stupid? What words can I use to describe my feelings?

    My name is Kara. I have a friend and his name is John. How good does that sound?

    You’re weird. Do you know that? You’re odd. You’re strange. Why didn’t you tell me your name the first time we spoke? Did you think I would laugh? It’s not a very funny name. Or did you think I’d yawn? John is quite a boring name.

    😮  y-a-w-n

    So what else have I discovered about my new friend, apart from his name? Well, he likes islands. One of his favourite books is Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson – but I don’t think there’s any treasure on John’s island. He likes pasta and dislikes spinach. He’s scared of rats and he doesn’t like school – but he won’t say why. And he’s an only child. He doesn’t have any brothers or sisters.

    I can’t imagine being an only child. Maybe you could be friends with Martin. Then we could be like your brother and sister. What do you think? Are you shaking your head? Why don’t you like Martin? Why doesn’t Martin like you? Maybe if you spent some time together  …



    Be careful! Some comments might give you clues to the story.

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