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  • Day Two

    Posted on 20/10/11 by in Kara's blog posts, 3 Comments

    Who are you? I’ve watched the video a hundred times. At the end I can see someone hiding in the bushes by the barn. Is it you? Are you the person who sent me the message? Are you reading my blog? And why do you call yourself ‘a friend’? I don’t have any friends.

    I’m back upstairs in my room. I don’t know where Martin is. I hope he didn’t read my blog while I was downstairs with Mum and Howard. Howard. It sounds like a normal name for a normal person, right? But Howard isn’t normal. He’s spooky! Like Owl Hall. Maybe we should call him Mr Howl Hall. Or Mr Howl. Or just H-o-w-l. Martin would like that 😉

    Howard has a dog called Max, which is probably short for Maximilian or Maximus or something. Martin (which isn’t short for anything) says Max is a friendly dog but he didn’t seem very friendly last night. Maybe he’s a rescue dog – you know – a dog that wasn’t looked after very well by its last owner. There’s something sad in his eyes.

    What are they talking about – Mum and Howard? There’s something strange about the way Mum acts when she’s with him.

    I have a new favourite word. It’s AWKWARD. I like it because it sounds awkward and it looks awkward. So it’s a bit like me. AwKwARd KARA. It even has all the letters of my name in it.

    But I don’t care right now about Howard or his big dog or even Mum! All I can think about is … ‘a friend’.

    A picture of the barn and bushes at Owl Hall


    Be careful! Some comments might give you clues to the story.


  • Posted by Kantika Vichayamethakul on November 9th, 2015

    My favorite word is Awkward too! haha. Is he a ghost? or zombie! that’s look so fun!=D

  • Posted by Suphisara Inkratanakul on November 9th, 2015

    Maybe someone is watching you really and I think you shouldn’t go somewhere alone. You should go with you brother don’t leave him alone too he’s scary.

  • Posted by Noey and Grandpa (Gun) on May 4th, 2016

    Dear Kara,

    Who is the guy in the bush? Do you know him?Is he friendly? I want to know or is he Martin, a farmer or a ghost that is looking for you.

    Is Owl Hall haunted because I like it? Did you know before that someone was staring at you?

    I like the way Martin said ‘awkward’ as it is very interesting.

    What will happen next? I think the guy loves you because he watches you all the time . I hope you stay safe and don’t see him again.

    Thanks Kara. We’ll write you you again sometime.

    Grandpa (Gun) and Grandma (Noey)

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