This Owl Hall website accompanies the Macmillan Reader Owl Hall. This is a new type of Macmillan Reader where the website is an integral part of the story: the main character, Kara, also accesses an Owl Hall website throughout the story, and students are encouraged to refer to the website at certain points in the Reader, indicated by the Owl Hall website logo.

On this site, students are able to learn more about the background to Owl Hall, and also have access to Kara’s blog, where they can comment on both the blog and the story.

This site also links to the Owl Hall story podcasts provided by onestopenglish*. These podcasts work as a standalone audio version of Owl Hall, and also enhance the experience of the Macmillan Reader with extra ‘behind-the-scenes’ dialogue. Each podcast comes with an accompanying lesson plan, which includes teacher’s notes, with suggestions on how to use the podcasts with your students, plus student worksheets and full podcast transcripts.

Click on the link below to find out more about the Owl Hall podcasts series on onestopenglish. You can download the Chapter 1 podcast and accompanying lesson plan for free. Onestopenglish subscribers will also be able to download the remaining 12 podcasts and lesson plans as they are released. If you are not yet a onestopenglish member, you can find out all about the benefits of subscribing by visiting the site.

If you have any comments or feedback on the Owl Hall website, please email: help@macmillan.com

Teacher's Notes and Podcasts


*Onestopenglish is the number one resource and community site for English language teachers, giving you access to over 8,000 high-quality resources, across all levels and for all key subject areas.



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